my name is lauren, im 21 years old. im a senior in college, where im studying technical theatre. (none of the photos are mine unless i describe it in the caption)
>art, theatre, quotes, photography, the outdoors, life, animals, gif's, whales, owls, inspiration, history, antiques, food, anchors, human anatomy, skulls<
Posing in front of a beautiful waterfall somewhere in South Dakota. (I&#8217;m on the right making a weird face, my sister is on the left) 

My favorite pictures of my parents

this is why i love my sister
my great-grandfather leo dolan

thanks to reddit i got this photo of my grandpa colorized. what an amazing photo.

my dad is so cool

and for my 6,000 post on tumblr….

i present to you the shell casing vase that one of my relatives brought back from WWI

i have done a little research on it, but haven’t asked my relatives much about it. all i know is that is says ‘MEUSE’, which was a battle in Europe during the war.


Happy Birthday Grandma Welle (she would have been 77 today)



maybe i should change my avatar….which one do you like?

my grandpa :)