my name is lauren, im 21 years old. im a senior in college, where im studying technical theatre. (none of the photos are mine unless i describe it in the caption)
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Can we have dinner sometime soon?
I’d really like to. But I know you have a job and I don’t know your schedule. Maybe I will text you. I feel like all I text you now is asking to go to dinner. Let’s change that!

Your friend,


Two weird horse illustrations I saw in the antique store today. Very odd proportions.

  • home for spring break
  • tried on silly hats at antique store
  • im getting a haircut tomorrow
  • got 5 boxes of cereal for $10
  • i also bought red velvet cupcakes
  • i get to sleep with my kitties tonight

thank you moira for helping me try to remain positive

Moira here is that old screenshot I took of you like forever ago to show Maddy what you looked like lol
Moira&#8217;s Guide to Studying!
Step 1: place book on head
Step 2: give up on life
Nose: what is your favorite perfume/candle fragrance? I really like vanilla or something that is a little flowery, not too overpowering. The candles that smell like christmas are nice too.
Stomach: do you feel confident in your body image? not all the time
Hair: how many wigs do you own? none
Eyes: what is your favorite show to watch? right now, supernatural :)
Feet: do you ever wear heels just for the hell of it? no i avoid wearing heels at all costs. the highest pair i own are only 1&#8221; tall
ladies and gents. meet my friend moira (aka sandetiger).
sandetiger said: I got yer caaaard and asdhgkjad it's SUPER CUTE with the little lady bugs! I shall treasure it always~ also: I now know your last name. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA

yay!!! glad you like it. and yes now you know my full name. and my parents names lol.


imagesandetiger replied to your post: Why do I have such wonderful friends How did I…

Uuuuuuum you probably have them bc you’re pretty excellent or something




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